Order Song Album
1 "Orange Ball of Hate" Zopilote Machine
2 "The Recognition Scene" Sweden
3 "Send Me an Angel" Sweden
4 "Going to Bristol" Zopilote Machine
5 "Ghosts" Hail and Farewell, Gothenburg
6 "New Star Song" Beautiful Rat Sunset
7 "Alpha Double Negative: Going to Catalina" Songs for Petronius/Bitter Melon Farm/Nothing for Juice
8 "Chinese House Flowers" Full Force Galesburg
9 "Grendel's Mother" Zopilote Machine
10 "Raja Vocative" Orange Raja, Blood Royal/Ghana
11 "The Only Thing I Know" Orange Raja, Blood Royal/Ghana
12 "Prana Ferox" Sweden
13 "Going to Georgia" Zopilote Machine
14 "The Sign" (Ace of Base) Songs for Peter Hughes/Bitter Melon Farm


  • Alastair Galbraith played violin on a few songs, starting with "Grendel's Mother".
  • John broke a string on "The Only Thing I Know", so he played the electric guitar the rest of the show.
  • It was when driving from this show to the next one in California that the seeds for All Hail West Texas were planted in John's head.