Order Song Album
1 "Somebody Else's Parking Lot in Santa Cruz" Martial Arts Weekend
2 "Prana Ferox" Sweden
3 "West Country Dream" Full Force Galesburg
4 "Maize Stalk Drinking Blood" Full Force Galesburg
5 "No, I Can't" Transmissions to Horace/Songs for Peter Hughes/Bitter Melon Farm
6 "Standard Bitter Love Song #1" Unreleased
7 "Doctor Wu" (Steely Dan) Unreleased
8 "You're in Maya" Unreleased
9 "Going to Georgia" Zopilote Machine
10 "Jam Eater Blues" Jam Eater Blues
11 "Black Molly" In Release City/Bitter Melon Farm
12 "Pure Milk" Hot Garden Stomp
13 "Two-Headed Boy" (Neutral Milk Hotel) Unreleased


  • John was accompanied by his wife Lalitree on banjo for songs 10 through 12.
  • The recording of Going to Georgia is somewhat damaged, cutting half of the first line.
  • The recording of You're in Maya is damaged, cutting some of the verse.
  • The recording of Standard Bitter Love Song #1 is damaged, cutting the end of the second verse.


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