Order Song Album
1 "The Day the Aliens Came (Hawaiian Feeling)" Come, Come to the Sunset Tree
2 "I've Got the Sex" Unreleased
3 "So Desperate" Heretic Pride
4 "Distant Stations" All Hail West Texas
5 "Neon Orange Glimmer Song" Sweden
6 "Up the Wolves" The Sunset Tree
7 "Improv Song" ("suggestions were Childhood Bathroom, 75 years old, and Organic Toothpaste") Unreleased
8 "Surrounded" Moon Colony Bloodbath
9 "Southwood Plantation Road" Tallahassee
10 "Houseguest" (Nothing Painted Blue) (a capella) Unreleased
11 "Black Pear Tree" (on piano) Black Pear Tree EP


  • This show was part of "The Second City That Never Sleeps: Letters to Santa", a 24-hour charity event to raise money for Letters to Santa.

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