Order Song Album
1 "(Untitled - Stuck in Time)" Unreleased
2 "(Untitled - Horse and Master)" Unreleased
3 "(Untitled - Shield My Eyes Against the Glare)" Unreleased
4 "(Untitled - I Might Compare)" Unreleased
5 "(Untitled - Let Me Go)" Unreleased
6 "Snow Crush Killing Song" Sweden
7 "Send Me an Angel" Sweden
8 "Crane" Hail and Farewell, Gothenburg
9 "Downtown Seoul" Sweden
10 "Milk Song" Hail and Farewell, Gothenburg
11 "FM" (Steely Dan) Sweden
12 "The Recognition Scene" Sweden
13 "Whole Wide World" Sweden
14 "Prana Ferox" Sweden
15 "(Untitled - Slip Away from Me)" Unreleased
16 "Sept 19th Triple X Love! Love!" Sweden


  • "First things first, though: I am playing two more shows this year. The first is live accompaniment for the film Sir Arne's Treasure, which is a Swedish silent from 1919. I'll be joined by John Vanderslice, Jamie Riotto, and Jason Slota at various points throughout the evening, and I was going to print up a whole program to explain what the whole deal is with what I'm doing but rehearsal took priority and so I'm telling you here instead: to accompany the Swedish film in which bad intentions come to bad ends, I thought I'd play and expand and elaborate on some songs from Sweden. One thing led to another, though, and I ended up synching up a few Hail and Farewell, Gothenburg songs, which is how I got the idea to start excavating a bunch of old Sweden-era notebooks, which is how I ended up finally setting to music a good handful of long-orphaned lyrics from the Sweden cycle: abandoned side-stories, extended soliloquies, muttered curses. So that is what we'll be doing: not all of Sweden, but a version of it, live, as accompaniment for Mauritz Stiller's gorgeous Swedish tale of lost treasures." -- John Darnielle

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