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2012-04-19 - Benefit to Defeat Amendment One - Motorco - Durham, NC

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Order Song Album
1 "Sax Rohmer #1" Heretic Pride
2 "40 Hours" (Sarah Dougher) Unreleased
3 "Attention All Pickpockets" Letter from Belgium
4 "In Corolla" Get Lonely
5 "Transjordanian Blues" On Juhu Beach
6 "The Tower" (Iron Maiden) Unreleased
7 "Wild Sage" Get Lonely
8 "High Hawk Season" All Eternals Deck
9 "Suffragette City" (David Bowie cover;

featuring Greg Cartwright and Mac McCaughan)

10 "Dance Music" The Sunset Tree
11 "Fault Lines" All Hail West Texas
12 "No Children" (video) Tallahassee
13 "This Year" The Sunset Tree
14 "Everyday People" (Sly & the Family Stone cover;

featuring Greg Cartwright and Mac McCaughan)



  • John, Greg Cartwright, and Mat McCaughan all played one large setlist instead of having three different sets; only the songs primarily featuring John are listed here.

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