Order Song Album
1 "The Grey King and the Silver Flame Attunement" Goths
2 "Rain in Soho" Goths
3 "Love Love Love" The Sunset Tree
4 "In the Craters on the Moon" (partial video) Heretic Pride
5 "Harlem Roulette" Transcendental Youth
6 "Wear Black" Goths
7 "Unicorn Tolerance" Goths
8 "Xolo" (video) The Seneca Twins
9 "Grendel's Mother" Zopilote Machine
10 "Love Cuts the Strings" Philyra/Protein Source of the Future...Now!
11 "Paid in Cocaine" Goths
12 "Shelved" Goths
13 "The Young Thousands" We Shall All Be Healed
14 "Game Shows Touch Our Lives" Tallahassee
15 "Broom People" The Sunset Tree
16 "Heel Turn 2" Beat the Champ
17 "San Bernardino" Heretic Pride
18 "Song for My Sons" (Sara Groves) Unreleased
19 "Palmcorder Yajna" We Shall All Be Healed
20 "No Children" Tallahassee
21 "International Small Arms Traffic Blues" Tallahassee
22 "This Year" The Sunset Tree
23 "We Do It Different on the West Coast" Goths
24 "Up the Wolves" The Sunset Tree
25 "Spent Gladiator 2" Transcendental Youth
26 "Color in Your Cheeks" All Hail West Texas
27 "See America Right" Tallahassee
28 "The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton" All Hail West Texas


  • Songs 8 through 10 were played by John Darnielle solo.
  • Song 18 was played by John and Matt Douglas.
  • Song 22 featured backing vocals from John Vanderslice.
  • Song 26 was played by John and Peter Hughes.
  • The first encore was songs 17 through 22.
  • The second encore was songs 23 through 25.
  • The third encore was songs 26 through 28.


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