Abridged Perversion




Shrimper Records

Abridged Perversion is a compilation album released by the label Shrimper Records in 1994. It features "The Window Song" by the Mountain Goats and "Badger Song" by The Extra Glenns, the former of which was re-released on the Protein Source of the Future...Now! compilation.


  1. "Colonial Awards of 1984" by Colonial Awards of 1984
  2. "Badger Song" by The Extra Glenns
  3. "Holiday" by The Bux
  4. "Big Pink Heart" by Nothing Painted Blue
  5. "Certain Dance Circumstance" by Sentridoh
  6. "Manny's Mote" by Goosewind
  7. "Future Shock" by Shoeface
  8. "50 Miles" by Will Simmons
  9. "Zisk" by Insect Feelings
  10. "The Window Song" by The Mountain Goats
  11. "Tiresome" by Junket
  12. "Premature Cheese" by Massengil
  13. "Do It All the Time" by Joey Burns (Creamy Originals)
  14. "Fluffy Cat" by Wckr Spgt
  15. "Happiness Is..." by Punk Rock
  16. "Pork Chop" by Diskothi-Q
  17. "Clean Needle" by Franklin Bruno
  18. "Fever Pitch" by Halo
  19. "H i p s" by Paste
  20. "Delerium Insomniacal" by Primordial Undermind
  21. "Creepy" by Guffey
  22. "Map to the Stars" by Refrigerator
  23. "Finnish But Not Finished" by Simon Wickham Smith with Bill + Karl
  24. "I Had a Dream I Was Down by the Ocean" by John Davis
  25. "Fisherman's Friend" by Ah Bus
  26. "Dir Rote Luft" by Buzzsaw
  27. "You Don't Know" by Bugskull
  28. "(Instigation)" by The Jim Bishop Guitar Army
  29. "Canker Town" by Carne-A
  30. "Guitar in Room Pit" by Satnam Puppets
  31. "Old Family Box" by Jive
  32. "Throw Away" by Party of One
  33. "Incomplete #1" by Lil' Johnny H
  34. "Revolution #37" by Lou Barlow

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