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Baboon is the sixth song on the album The Coroner's Gambit.


The sun came up above the strange white plain
Blood red flowers all wet with rain
And the spirit wasn't really willing anymore, but the flesh was very, very strong
And I've got very little money left and I've got no sense
But I'll have none of your goddamned impudence
The sun came up above the new white fields 
Everything was new again
Pure power stripped of meaning
Sky burning, spring cleaning

Daisies on the hillside like cancer on the skin
Pretty little yellow eyes that flutter in the wind
I'd be grateful my children aren't here here to see this
If you'd ever seen fit to give me children
And my defenses may be working with a skeleton crew
But I'll be skinned alive before I'll take this from you
The sun came up above the ocean out west
All the colors of the rainbow

Stand up straight, you can see the house leaning
Day breaking, spring cleaning

Comments by John Darnielle About this SongEdit

  • "This is one of those songs, it's about a couple of people... they live in the same house, they might be married, it's hard to say, you couldn't tell it by the way they treat each other." -- 2001-08-03 - 40 Watt Club - Athens, GA
  • "This is a love song, but it's different from other types of love songs. In many love songs, not all, but in many, you hear a person expressing a feeling along the lines of 'Oh! I feel so warmly toward my intended that I want to express that feeling. I wanna let it out of myself, and share it with the world, and perhaps the world will in some way be enriched by sharing in my loving feeling.' And that's one kind. This is of another sort, where you say 'I have a feeling, and it was once such a loving feeling, and it's now so rotten, and smells so horrible. It's such a dreadful burden to carry that I want to inflict it on other people, that they might, just a small bit, of how angry I am, an anger which at one point focused toward a certain person, but which has, in its perversion, extended itself to all y'all.'" -- 2005-11-04 - Duke Coffeehouse - Durham, NC

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