Bitter Melon Farm


April 23, 2002




3 Beads of Sweat

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Bitter Melon Farm is the second of three compilation albums by The Mountain Goats. It was released in 1999 by Ajax Records, and re-released in 2002 on 3 Beads of Sweat. 


Order Song Original release
1 "Noche del Guajolote" I Like Walt
2 "Going to Bangor" You and What Army?
3 "Against Agamemnon" Howl!...A Farewell Compilation of Unreleased Songs
4 "Going to Cleveland" Transmissions to Horace
5 "Early Spring"
6 "Historiography"
7 "No, I Can't"
8 "Alpha Desperation March"
9 "Going to Monaco"
10 "Star Dusting"
11 "Teenage World"
12 "Going to Santiago"
13 "Sail On" (The Commodores)
14 "Black Molly" In Release City
15 "Rain Song" I Present This
16 "The Bad Doctor" Songs for Petronius
17 "Alpha Double Negative: Going to Catalina"
18 "Pure Intentions"
19 "The Lady from Shanghai"
20 "Pure Love"
21 "Song for an Old Friend" The Wheel Method
22 "Snow Song" Dog So Large I Cannot See Past It
23 "Faithless Bacchant Song" Those Pre-Phylloxera Years
24 "Short Song About the 10 Freeway" Songs for Peter Hughes
25 "No, I Can't" (Alternate version)
26 "Song for Dana Plato"
27 "The Sign" (Ace of Base)

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