Bride is an unreleased song by the Mountain Goats. A demo of it was posted on the Mountain Goats forums by John Darnielle in 2009 because he didn't think it would fit on the then-upcoming album The Life of the World to Come.


Designed for one another
We lie tied to our slabs
While the same electricity that gave us life
Crackles through the lab

And I am too dumb
To tell you how I feel
Who will know, who will tell anyone
That what we had was real

We belong dead 
We belong dead

So I try and try to focus
To say what I want to say
But it's such hard work
And we don't have all day

Our efforts won't add up
To any great amount
Get one chance to make your gesture down here
I wanna make mine count

We belong dead
We belong dead
We belong dead
We belong dead

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