Comes with a Smile 11: Hope Isn't a Word




Comes with a Smile

Comes with a Smile 11: Hope Isn't a Word is a compilation album released by Comes with a Smile in 2004. It features "Beat the Devil" by the Mountain Goats.


  1. "Words" by The Scene Is Now
  2. "Sunburned Teeth" by Bauer
  3. "Wire Waltz" by The Last Town Chorus
  4. "Beat the Devil" by The Mountain Goats
  5. "Petal" by 50 Foot Wave
  6. "Uncrowned" by The Wisdom of Harry
  7. "Learn How" (live) by Mission of Burma
  8. "Papa, Oh Papa" (live) by Johnny Dowd
  9. "I Haven't Seen This Day Before" (live) by The Innocence Mission
  10. "Smokestack Lightning" (live) by Iron & Wine
  11. "Tiger Tattoos" (live) by Laura Veirs
  12. "Why?" (live) by Andrew Bird
  13. "Unquiet Grave" (live) by Papa M
  14. "Settle Down" by Daryll-Ann
  15. "Melody" (demo) by Blonde Redhead
  16. "2 Gtr Practice" by The Flucts
  17. "Borderline" by Sufjan Stevens
  18. "Dig Me a Hole" (demo) by Dawn Landes
  19. "Stand by Your Man" by (The Real) Tuesday Weld

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