De Avonden X-Mas 2002





De Avonden X-Mas 2002 is a compilation album released by VPRO in 2002. It features "Stable Boy Song" by the Mountain Goats.


  1. "What One Can Be" by Burd Early
  2. "Christmas Song" by Don Nino
  3. "Party Eyes" by Malcom Middleton
  4. "The Undying Sun" by Matt Everett & Fern Knight
  5. "Stable Boy Song" by The Mountain Goats
  6. "This Christmas" by Rivulets
  7. "Christmas for Berry" by Domotic
  8. "Santa, Don't Bring Me No War" by John Guilt
  9. "Thirty-Three Years Will Not Be Long Time" by Drekka
  10. "Oil and Vinegar" by The Bruces
  11. "In the Bleak Mid-Winter" by Fern Knight
  12. "Witchy Christmas" by Minotaur Shock
  13. "Santa Got a Nose Job" by Encre

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