Design Your Own Container Garden


See America Right




the Mountain Goats



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"New Chevrolet in Flames"

Design Your Own Container Garden is the third track from the See America Right single.


I took to the highway, went out to Pico-Crenshaw
Old friends, old friends
I took to the highway, the highway took to me 
Like a second skin
Rolled around in the evening, circling like a buzzard
Trouble in mind
Excavating the space we left behind

Yes I took trinkets with me, left them by the crater
Here ghosts, old ghosts
Smelled all the chlorine, I took the low road 
Where the light was just right
Crawled around in the glowing, all-embracing wreckage
Sunburned and snow-blind
Excavating the space we left behind

Comments by John Darnielle About this SongEdit

  • "'Design Your Own Container Garden,' on the other hand, is my favorite kind of b-side, the stealth b-side that could make a legitimate claim for itself about being better than the a-side. Maybe not, probably not. But that’s the sort of b-side that gets played live: the one that feels like it has room to grow, to breathe, to find new places to go." -- Tumblr

Things Referenced in this SongEdit

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