Eleven Bands


Taboo VI: The Homecoming




the Mountain Goats



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Eleven Bands is the 10th and closing song on The Mountain Goats' first cassette, Taboo VI: The Homecoming. It is a cover of the same song by The Congress, a band which John Darnielle was in himself from 1985-2004. Solomon Revisited was originally supposed to be the closing song, however, Dennis Callaci liked Eleven Bands so much he decided to include it on the tape.


Follow the path up the foot of the mountain. 
Follow the twisting branches. 
When you look at them 
Remember that they are alive, growing still. 
See their colors lighten, as you climb. 
Watch the sunlight catch them and reflect them. 
It reflects them everywhere. 

One of these paths leading up the nameless mountain 
Was the one that told you something once. 
But you will not find it here. 
It has shriveled up and wriggled off the mountain. 
Like a dying vine. 
Once these things take on their weightlessness, 
The structure comes apart. 

How do the trees grow in this weather? 
It is freezing cold. 
Take the map on up the mountain side. 
And all the sounds from far and wide will leave you suddenly. 
And sugared winds come through the clouds.  

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