Moon Colony Bloodbath




the Mountain Goats & John Vanderslice



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Emerging is the seventh song on the collaboration EP Moon Colony Bloodbath.


I am hungry but I'm not cold
I'm starving but the suit keeps me warm
And the light hits me full in the face
As I assume my new and dreadful form

Kick an incubator open
And like a flower in bloom
Sustenance, blessed sustenance
Oozing from the tomb
I know that sleeping bodies hide 
Sweet things inside

And in the ever-present light
And in my ever-growing needs
If a man should crest the ridge
He's gonna have to watch me feed

But no one's ever gonna come
And nobody's gonna know
I will sail home again
Concealed among the upright walking men
To know that sleeping bodies hide 
Sweet things inside

Comments by John Darnielle About this SongEdit

"This is a song about the organ harvesting colonies on the Moon, and the guy who works there and becomes a cannibal and starts eating the corpses of which he is supposed to be taking care, you know, growing kidneys for the government and stuff... This is a song about when he sort of is up there going a little crazy, you know, because he's all alone on the Moon except for all the corpses growing in the pods, and you know, and so, he begins to eat them. And this is sort of his love song to the corpses he's about to eat." -- 2009-03-20 - Attucks Theatre - Norfolk, VA

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