Ethiopians is an unreleased song by the Mountain Goats written and recorded for Tallahassee, but it did not make the album.


Window mounted air conditioning unit
Humming like a hive
We want to send postcards to the friends we used to have
Rub their noses in the ugly fact that we are still alive
And we play lovers' reggae
On accordion and banjo when the moon is high
And we lie on the floor
Get suspicious of the people who've just moved in next door

The bad taste in our mouths
The twinkle in your eye
Good things never last
Bad things never die

Wind chime from Tahiti that we found down at the auction
Tolls its minor chord
And I can't think of one thing in this whole wide blessed world
That's more dangerous and frightening than you when you get bored
And we go through scads of money
Don't know where it comes from, don't know where it goes
And we stare out the window
See the poison flowers the neighbors grow 
Sprouting up in nice neat rows

The swelling in our limbs
The twinkle in your eye
Good things never last
Bad things never die

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