Fast Forward 2
Fast Forward




Brinkman Records

Fast Forward 2 is a compilation album released by the label Brinkman Records in 1995. It features "Noctifer Birmingham" by the Mountain Goats, which was re-released on the Ghana compilation.


Side 1Edit

  1. "On the Metro North" by The Body Has a Head
  2. "Futuristic Lover" by Jad Fair
  3. "You Kill Me" by Virginia Dare
  4. "Trouble All My Days" by Beck
  5. "Chunked & Muddled" by Doo Rag
  6. "Kwien e10" by Electrik Hannes
  7. "Spaghetti Bolognaise" by Bill Direen
  8. "We Hate You" by Chris Knox
  9. "Gimme All You Lovin" by The Hitsville House Band
  10. "Converse the World" by Furtips
  11. "D.on Scale" by Furtips
  12. "I Can Feel It in Your Smile" by Furtips

Side 2Edit

  1. "Don't Begrudge a Man His Funeral" by Simon Joyner
  2. "34/5 Street" by Gitbox
  3. "Statue with a Walkman" by Robyn Hitchcock
  4. "Clog Dance in a Mirror" by Chris Knox
  5. "As I Headed to the Door" by John Davis
  6. "Be Careful!" by John Davis
  7. "I Feel a Siren" by Virginia Dare
  8. "Noctifer Birmingham" by the Mountain Goats
  9. "Song for a Dead Friend" by Two Dollar Guitar
  10. "Highway Vice" by Azalia Snail
  11. "Shyleen" by The Use of Ashes
  12. "I Can Watch" by Kramer
  13. "Last Night I Dreamed of Gary Indiana" by Gitbox!

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