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Genesis 3:23 is the third song on the album The Life of the World to Come.

Bible VerseEdit

So the Lord God banished him from the Garden of Eden to work the ground from which he had been taken. NIV Translation


House up in Clearlake
Where I used to live
Picked the lock on the front door
And felt it give

Touch nothing, move nothing, stand still
Keep my ears open for cars
See how the people here live now
Hope they're better at it than I was

I used to live here
I used to live here
I used to live here
I used to live here

Pictures up on the mantle
Nobody I know
I stand by the tiny furnace
Where the long shadows grow

Living room to bedroom to kitchen
Familiar and warm
Hours we spent starving within these walls
Sounds of a distant storm

I used to live here
I used to live here
I used to live here
I used to live here

Fight through the ghosts in the hallway
Duck and weave
Stand by the door with my eyes closed
When it's time to leave

Steal home before sunset
Cover up my tracks
Drive home with old dreams of play in my mind
And the wind at my back

Break the lock on my own garden gate
When I get home after dark
Sit looking up at the stars outside
Like teeth in the mouth of a shark

I used to live here
I used to live here
I used to live here
I used to live here

Comments by John Darnielle About this SongEdit

  • "...But the next time I came back, I'm going back to North Broadway and I'm gonna have a good hard look at the building, and I, uh, I walked up the stairs, and I stood there, you know, and then somebody who lived there came out. And I slipped right in. And I got in the elevator and I went down and I stood in front of my old door and the scuff mark from my boot left there twenty years ago was still there. And I was like, 'this is why you do these things, John, because this feeling kind of can't be replaced by any other kind of feeling.' So this is called 'Genesis 3:23'." -- 2009-08-21 - Durham Be Easy Festival - Durham, NC

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