Going to Dade County is an unreleased song by the Mountain Goats.

It is one of only two full songs (the other being "Alpha Double Negative: Going to Catalina") that belongs to both the Alpha and Going to... series.


When the rainbows disappeared from the skies of northern Florida
Because the rain had gone away
And I looked out on the front lawn and I saw you there
It was 6:31 AM on a Saturday
And you morphed into a housecat
And you all think I'm making this part up
But you are wrong

And the wind came through the window
And it my licked at my face
And I heard the sound of about a thousand tomcats
Squalling up from all over the place
And you all think I'm crazy
Or trying to amuse myself by telling cute stories
Or telling cute stories to amuse other people with
But you are wrong
Going to Dade County

Comments by John Darnielle About this SongEdit

  • "This couple that, that was supposed to get a divorce and then didn't in a number of songs I wrote spend a good two years of their lives, uh, living in a motel in Florida, and this song is one of those that never made it onto anything. It's called 'Going to Dade County'." -- 1998-02-07 - Vinyl Fever - Tallahassee, FL

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