Going to Japan


Hot Garden Stomp




the Mountain Goats



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Going to Japan is the fifth song on The Mountain Goats' fourth cassette, Hot Garden Stomp.


There's a north wind coming in 
And there's a west wind coming in 
And there's an east wind coming in 
And there's a strong wind blowing in from the south 
And there's a sweet metallic taste in my mouth
There's a dead feeling lingering over the land

And there's a one-way ticket in my hot little hand 
And I'm kissing your eyelids and I'm going to Japan

There's life and liberty on my tongue 
And there's a dead silence where the wind-chimes hung 
And on some mountain somewhere in the world it's snowing 
But here in the fields there's not a thing growing
Maybe next year, you know, there is no way of knowing
There's wind coming in from all directions
There's a coat on my shoulders, midnight connections

And I'm kissing you and leaving you behind in the sand
I'm holding you a while then I'm going to Japan

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