Going to Malibu


Chile de Árbol




the Mountain Goats



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Going to Malibu is the second song on the single Chile de Árbol. It was re-released on the compilation Protein Source of the Future...Now!.


When we meet on neutral ground
I can't believe how good you look
And the thoughts that race around my mind
Could fill a long unreadable book and

I can hear the waves
I could sense the continent eroding
You say you know why I called you here
But you couldn't have any way of knowing, so

That's not true
That's a mean thing to say
That's a damnable lie
That's a damnable lie

Looking at you, and I don't know
What it is I see
But I know you're changing
Almost indetectably

And I see a ship off the shore
And I imagine it sinking
And you smile and you say that you know
What it is that I'm thinking

That's not true
That's a rotten thing to say
That's a damnable lie
That's a damnable lie

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