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Going to Marrakesh is the 12th song on the album Martial Arts Weekend.


The fog is lifting from the water
The bells are sounding on the boats
And our love is a monster, plain and simple
Though you weight it down with stones to try to drown it
It floats
It floats

The day of reckoning is coming
Faster than anyone here realizes
And our love is like Jesus, but worse
Though you seal the cave up where you've lain its body
It rises
It rises

I keep waiting for our love to die
The machines by its bed dim and flicker but it won't stay dead
And it perks up when the nurses bring its medication by

I wish our love could go the way of all flesh
But it's not right, and it's not nice
To try and kill the same thing twice
Would you pack your things
We are going to Marrakesh

Comments by John Darnielle About this SongEdit

  • "This is a song, um, I have no idea whatsoever what it's about, I was going to try and make something up but I have to be quite honest with you, this is a song from the days when I would write whatever happened to be at the very top of my head and made sure I was done with it before I could figure it out. This is called 'Going to Marrakesh'." -- 2010-10-21 - Mercury Lounge - New York, NY

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