Going to Norwalk


Hot Garden Stomp




the Mountain Goats



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Going to Norwalk is the 11th song on The Mountain Goats' fourth cassette, Hot Garden Stomp.


At one thirty on a Thursday night 
I saw a pair of raccoons heading to the gutter 
They stopped at the storm drain 
Their tails hung down and out of sight 
They looked up at me 
Their eyes were shining 
I thought of you 

I can't stand 
The way the moon expands and fills out  
The corners of your California sky 
I can't stand it 

The old buildings stood tall against the sky 
The windows had old sheets hanging over them doubling as curtains 
And the silhouettes moving in the bright lights behind the curtains 
Looked like you 
I stopped moving momentarily 

The world will 
Stand still on nights like these 
Without any kind of warning 
And I can't stand it

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