Going to Wisconsin


The Hound Chronicles




the Mountain Goats



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Going to Wisconsin is the second song on The Mountain Goats' second cassette, The Hound Chronicles.


There was the sound of a lake boiling over 
On that day
Everyone said just to sit still
But the thickening air got in my way

So the hook's been baited now
Yeah the cheese is on the water
Yeah the water's been cleansed of all impurities
But now it really doesn't matter
Let's go, let's go

Wisconsin bound
Wisconsin bound
Wisconsin bound, yeah
Wisconsin bound

The bottom of the boat was a hotplate come alive
But the boat wasn't real, and this is how I feel
You don't know where you are until you arrive
And the frogs sang out from the distant banks
And you say you need me in California
But no thanks 

Wisconsin bound 
Wisconsin bound 
Wisconsin bound
Yeah, Wisconsin bound
Let's go

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