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Gravedigger is the sixth song on the compilation Extra Walt.


The pumpkins grew in neat rows 
We waltzed toward the center of the field 
Steady as she goes 
And blue heavens built wishing wells 
Brightening the patch
Fattening the pumpkins in their perfect orange shells 
We turned right by the smooth orange big one 
The wrong way

We tapped the pumpkins with our thumbs 
And you know how you wait a year or so for something, nothing comes 
It was like that 
Empty bottles washed clean by rain 
Nothing to lose here 
No reason to complain 
We turned right by the smooth orange fat one 
The wrong way  

Tell me a secret 
What does it matter 
Override the red clouds 
Hanging on the otherwise clear sky 
And then little raindrops like tiny knives 
And I turned to you and the field came alive 
We took a smooth turn around the fattest pumpkin they had 
The wrong way

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