Hello, Old Rabbit


Hail and Farewell, Gothenburg




the Mountain Goats



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Hello, Old Rabbit is the first song on the unreleased album Hail and Farewell, Gothenburg.


I saw the long row of bluebells
Saw the foxglove and the nightshade
I saw the whole garden and I thought a while about
How I'd been waiting for you since the second grade
The flowers made the air boil
The boiling air made me think of you a while

I did not come here to suffer
I did not come here to suffer

I heard the ducks all quacking
I saw the sunshine on the lake
Saw you standing near the water
And wondered how long I'd be paying for one dumb mistake
The sight of you was really something else
But I don't know what that something else was

I did not come here to suffer
I did not come here to suffer

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