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Heretic Pride


February 19, 2008




4AD Records

Heretic Pride is the 11th studio album released under the Mountain Goats name, on Februrary 19th, 2008. Heretic Pride was released by 4AD, their sixth album on the label, and produced by Scott Solter and John Vanderslice. Unlike We Shall All Be Healed, Tallahassee, or The Sunset Tree, Heretic Pride lacks a cohesive theme to the album. Reviews for the album were mixed.

Press KitEdit

A three page press kit in the form of a comic book was created for this album. It featured a description of each song by John Darnielle, and artwork by singer/songwriter and musical artist Jeffrey Lewis.


  1. "Sax Rohmer #1" -- 3:41
  2. "San Bernardino" -- 3:19
  3. "Heretic Pride" -- 3:43
  4. "Autoclave" -- 3:34
  5. "New Zion" -- 2:55
  6. "So Desperate" -- 3:21
  7. "In the Craters on the Moon" -- 3:32
  8. "Lovecraft in Brooklyn" -- 3:49
  9. "Tianchi Lake" -- 3:20
  10. "How to Embrace a Swamp Creature" -- 3:27
  11. "Marduk T-Shirt Men's Room Incident" -- 3:21
  12. "Sept. 15 1983" -- 3:43
  13. "Michael Myers Resplendent" -- 2:52

Bonus TracksEdit

  1. "Toolshed" -- (iTunes bonus track) 2:18
  2. "Last Man on Earth" -- (Amazon bonus track) 3:56

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