Hye Kye is an unreleased song by the Mountain Goats, "probably pre-Sweden" according to John Darnielle. It was posted on on by Darnielle on December 21, 2008 along with "Extreme South #1" and "Brandy Let's Go" as a reward for those who had donated to help his friend Mike pay for surgery (on the download page, John suggests those who downloaded after the fact consider donating to Ice Hockey in Harlem or Farm Sanctuary).


In December in California, the air was hot
And I carried the Christmas tree down Indian Hill
To the Gemco parking lot
What did I see, what spectacle confronted me
Ten thousand Christmas trees 

And the people standing around, and the smiles on their faces
And the boards in the shapes of Xs
Hammered into the Christmas trees bases
I took in the smell, I looked around
And among ten thousand Christmas trees
I lay down

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