In Release City
In release city




Slowball Records

In Release City is a compilation album released by the label Slowball Records in 1996. It features "Black Molly" by the Mountain Goats, which was re-released on the Bitter Melon Farm compilation.


Side OneEdit

  1. "Black Holes" by Wio
  2. "What I Do Amuses Me" by Will Simmons
  3. "Pier Singing" by Phlegm
  4. "Ashley" by Push Kings
  5. "Chewing Gum" by Furtips
  6. "Wiser Heads" by Nothing Painted Blue
  7. "Yip Prospect" by In a Spring
  8. "One Tree Later" by Dodes'Ka-Den
  9. "The Living End" by Mr Potatohead

Side TwoEdit

  1. "Black Molly" by the Mountain Goats
  2. "Sexmachine" by Napkin Vs Soda
  3. "Bridget's Financial Reserve" by Bent Spanner Arty Banner
  4. "The Sound of Cake" by Brown Tower
  5. "In My Dreams" by Bingo Trappers
  6. "Arrow Line" by Mote
  7. "Exploiting the Idea" by National Heroes
  8. "Vivo Guido" by Pluxux/Gonk
  9. "Take a Break" by Stefan & Oskar
  10. "Pitimini" by Osmose

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