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In the Hidden Places is the seventh song on the album Get Lonely.


Autumn came around like a drifter to an on-ramp
There were wet leaves floating in gutters full of rain
Took to walking barefoot around town
Melodies from gradeschool kicking in my brain

Saw you on the crosstown bus today
You were reading a magazine 
I turned my face away
And I shut my eyes tight
Dreamed about the flowers that hide from the light 
On dark hillsides in the hidden places

The brakes howled and the bus pulled up near my house
And I got off at the corner
Pulled my sleeves down over my hands, over my hands
And I wished I was someone else
And I wished it was warmer

And when I got home I thought about you
Like a desperate policeman searching for clues
And I almost passed out just then
And I shut my eyes again
Headed for the dark hillsides
In the hidden places

Comments by John Darnielle About this SongEdit

  • "This is a new song and it's about how sometimes you may find yourself in the city that you moved to from someplace else, wondering if all these people are out to get you, and you've lived there several months now, you have your evidence gathered in notebooks. Notebooks suggest yes, these people have evil on their minds. But every time you confront one of them about it, they look at you like you were crazy." -- 2007-01-02 - Club Capitol - Perth, Australia

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