In the Shadow of the Western Hills


Steal Smoked Fish




the Mountain Goats



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"Steal Smoked Fish"

In the Shadow of the Western Hills is the second track from the Steal Smoked Fish single.


Spread out the old maps on the floor
Plot the course of the infection
Trace from its beginnings to the present
Is there no one here who's making this connection
Feral cats out by the trash cans
To the true believer everything's a sign
Scrape the pigments from the baseboards
In the shadow of the western hills
And paint my vision on my body
In the shadow of the western hills

Bleak rose-petaled sky in two dimensions
Black treeline a blade that cuts across it all
Can't seem to sleep or find my appetite
Since I got back from the hospital
Call up Rebecca, maybe try to explain
But she hangs up while I'm still talking, I walk out into the rain
Wonder from the alley to the darkness
Sink down completely, leave no trace
Trapped beneath the surface of the ice again
Lie still with the moonlight on my face
Wait for the wolves to keep their promise
Listen for their footfalls in the cold 
I can't hear things clearly to be honest
In the shadow of the western hills
He gets most healed that waits the longest
In the shadow of the western hills

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