Keeping House


 Get Lonely




the Mountain Goats



Keeping House is a bonus track from the album Get Lonely. It was available on the Japanese version of the Get Lonely CD.


You clean out your junk-drawer, you mop up some blood
While the first of the new creatures rises from the mud
Cursing the moment that saw him draw breath
The ghost on your doorstep is starving to death

You spray down the windows, you wipe them all clean
And you douse your old clothing with fresh gasoline
And the ghost on your doorstep is soaked wet with rain
And he clutches his stomach and howls at the pain

And you can stay busy all day
He’s never going away

So let all the lights blaze, keep your heart light
Play really loud music all hours of the night
And when you set the table, set it for two
The ghost on your doorstep has to eat, same as you
Same as you

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