Malted Milk is an unreleased song by The Mountain Goats, only available in a live recording from the 1992-07-22 - Munchie's - Pomona, CA show.

Lyrics Edit

Two weeks later
You ask me what did I do?
Right after I got the great big [brush?] off from you.
And I checked my pulse
And I caught my breath
And I, I guess you know what happens next.

I sat down and I drank my malted milk. [x2]

You, you say
You say I'm easily appeased.
But you, you don't know
The feeling that shoots through me
With a tall glass of malted milk.
Cold as ice, smooth as silk.
I sit down and I try real hard to forget
That you, you and I
Ever met.

You came over,
And you found me stretched out on the sofa.
And you said you were gonna call a medic
Cuz I looked so pathetic,
Lying there,
Smiling brightly,
Staring at you.
Malted milk in my hand, still as a statue.

I sat down and I drank my malted milk. [x4]

Comments by John Darnielle About this SongEdit

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