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Naming Day


 Get Lonely




the Mountain Goats



Naming Day is a bonus track from the album Get Lonely. It was available on the Japanese version of the Get Lonely CD.


I am hiding in the house
Someone’s coming through the gate
When the doorbell sounds like an air-raid siren
I am lying in wait

People used to come around
They fish-eyed and they rubber-necked
Anyone who’d come to visit now
Is automatically a suspect

I creep up to the window
Me and my buzzing brain
And we watch two Jehovah's Witnesses
Retreating down the lane

I’m not coming out yet
It’s too cold
Leave me alone 'til I learn
How to spin straw into gold

I put on night-vision goggles
Work my way along the wall into the kitchen
As soon as the first snow fell this year
My fingers started itching

And I locked up the doors
And I sealed up all the windows
And friends came by sometimes for a while
I never let ’em in though

And then they stopped, and then they stopped at last
And now it’s just us three
These walls and the Church of Jesus Christ
Of the Latter Day Saints and me

And I’m not coming out yet
It’s too cold
Leave me alone 'til I learn
How to spin straw into gold

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