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New Monster Avenue is the second song on the album Get Lonely.


Shadows on the broad lawn canopy of trees
Sometime after midnight the ground is gonna freeze
Birds in the frosty air
What are they doing there?

Greenhouse full of butcher's-brooms
Breezes at my back
Sometime before the sun comes up
The earth is gonna crack

I look down at my hands
Like they were mirrors

Fresh coffee at sunrise
Warm my lips against the cup
Been waiting such a long time now
My number's finally coming up

All the neighbors come on out to their front porches
Waving torches

Comments by John Darnielle About this SongEdit

  • "But I had this idea when I was digging through my childhood stuff, I remembered how much I really liked monsters. And so I started to write these songs about monsters. Mentioned that on NPR and then I got a lot of mail, 'so are you still working on the monster concept album?' No. But anyway, so, but, but I got a couple of them, a couple of songs about monsters done before I found some other direction, but there was something in them. There's always something -- you know. I assume you're like me, that when you see the monster movie and all the, all the citizens of the town, you know, gather to burn the monster alive, you go, 'Were people in the thirties in favor of the town, in this setup?' Because I would look at it as a kid and go - why, why are they going to kill the innocent monster from the depths? Right? He doesn't -- he was living in a cave under the ocean and then one of your people was swimming because you wanted to get some underwater footage, and, and now he has to die so that you can film people swimming under -- well, that doesn't seem right. That was my position on the monsters. That remains my position on the monsters. This is called 'New Monster Avenue'." -- 2006-08-22 - Amoeba Music - San Francisco, CA
  • "This song is sort of about the feeling you get if you stay in your house for too long and you feel like maybe you don't, uh, relate to anybody at all. And you sort of resent them, but you're certain they're going to come and get you. I'm here to tell you you're absolutely right." -- 2006-09-26 - Middle East Downstairs - Cambridge, MA

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