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Only Existing Footage is the third song on the album Undercard.


Fix the overheads, the glare's become too much at last
Have somebody try to boost morale amongst the cast
Thermoses of coffee in the frozen dawn
Blow a fuse and spend an hour just trying to get the power back on

Space heater starves it out again, something's gotta give
Oblivion's been calling since it found out where I live

Try to grab another take before the night descends
Blocking's pretty good, but there's a gate hair on the lens
And the script girl's wandered off so we improvise the plot
Lousy continuity, the coats won't match from shot to shot 

Light meter's broken down again, soundtrack doesn't sync
Annihilation's pouring since it found out where I drink

Red-eye back to Belgrade with the footage we can save
End up with one can because the baggage claim's an unmarked grave

Hold off the backers, put a notice in the press
Oblivion's been knocking since I gave it my address 

Comments by John Darnielle and Franklin Bruno About this SongEdit

  • "[Franklin's] read on "Only Existing Footage" (which we wrote together, but I kicked it off) was that it was about making an album." -- John's Tumblr

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Live Shows this Song Was Played atEdit

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