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Ontario is the sixth song on the album Full Force Galesburg.


I know what my weaknesses are
Probably better than you do
Revolutionary Chinese propaganda
The color of blue
I thought I knew what my weaknesses were anyway
Then the orange tree blossomed last Saturday
There was nothing in it but pain for me

I know what can hurt me real bad
And what can't hurt me anymore
I know how to rise up with the sun
And I am learning what sleep's good for
I thought I'd figured out the world and its circular way
And then I saw the sun fall down out of the sky the other day
There was nothing in it but pain for me

Squirrels climbing trees in bloom
Soft yellow light spilling into the room
My favorite records
My favorite books
The people I love
The people I almost love
Light beckoning, wind whistling
Hey hey
Hey hey
Day breaking, river rolling
Hey hey 
La la la la

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