Oslo 1888 (not to be confused with "Edvard Munch", often incorrectly identified as "Oslo 1888") is an unreleased song by the Mountain Goats.


The snow built up around the smokehouse
And the sun shone on the snow
And the sun's rays were blistering against my eyes
The long night was well on its way
So I made good use of what was left of the daylight
Walking out toward the main street
And coming back home again
Sleeping, I sang a short song about you
And I knew every word of that song was true
Well, almost every word

Ice froze the green stems of the daffodils
Ice formed carrots on my window sill
I was blistering, blazing away
And it had always been my tendency to let things slide
But I went to the window with my eyes open wide
And you were taking on perspective
Coming toward the door
You want some more
I've got some more for you
I've got just what you're looking for

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