Our Salvation Is in Hand
Our Salvation is in hand




Theme Park Records

Our Salvation Is in Hand is a compilation album released by the label Theme Park Records in 1995. It features "Alpha Omega" and "Handball" by the Mountain Goats, both of which were re-released on the Protein Source of the Future...Now! compilation.


  1. "Down to the Floor" by Paul Nini
  2. "Travelsick" by Bucknalls
  3. "Sorrow Floats" by Simon Joyner
  4. "Untitled" by Neil McClury
  5. "Beginning to See the Red Light Fade" by The Bruces
  6. "Teach Us" by Father
  7. "Alpha Omega" by the Mountain Goats
  8. "Untitled" by National Heroes
  9. "She Never Promised" by Losers
  10. "68x8" by Paste
  11. "New House Basement" by Matthew Hattie Hein't Whamo
  12. "Cat Scratch Fever" by Franklin Bruno
  13. "Me and the Weatherman" by Steve Lindstrom
  14. "The Last Deep Mine" by M-Ways
  15. "Radio City" by Fungobat
  16. "Spoken For" by Spacehopper
  17. "Stephen" by Mark
  18. "The Joy of Spring" by Post
  19. "Bacterial Home" by Brown Tower
  20. "Fucked Up & Free" by Nick Jackman
  21. "Who Needs Me?" by Trewavas
  22. "My Own Fiegdom" by Yak G
  23. "Hit the North 3" by Party of One
  24. "Handball" by the Mountain Goats
  25. "Waiting for My Wife" by John Davis
  26. "Art Without Precedent or Tradition" by Hood

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