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Ox Baker Triumphant is the first track from the Babylon Springs EP. A demo of it was posted on the Mountain Goats forums on by John Darnielle on April 15, 2008 along with several other demos to make up for the cancellation of their 2008 Australian tour.


I will rise from the swamp where they dumped my private plane
I'll be clutching the life preserver in my teeth
And I will find the highway
And I will flag down a truck 
Worry lines on my forehead, blank stare underneath 

And when I come back to town 
I'm gonna cast my burden down
A little worse for wear
Practically walking on air

I will thank my ride and crawl my way back inside 
To the guts of the building where my enemies
Hide in the dark like roaches
And I will signal the camera crew 
And everyone will do what he's been trained how to do
Sweat dripping from my face as my moment approaches

Click your heels, count to three
I bet you never expected me
A little worse for wear
Practically walking on air

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  • Ox Baker was an American professional wrestler known for his catchphrase "I love to hurt people!"

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