Pinklon is an unreleased song by the Mountain Goats.


Let the bright colors come blushing gently back to the
Cherry blossom trees, around Pontiac and guys in
Powder blue starter jackets
Down on the street
Let them come up from the corners
So light on their feet

Let the ticker tape come cascading down
Above the greyhound station
Out at the edge of town
And at the schoolyard fences
Where the children shout
Let the chains fall away and let them all rush out

And though all good things in time will melt away
Pinklon Thomas is getting out of prison today

Out to the curbside let the grandmothers come
And stand in red gingham dresses
In the afternoon sun
And from the windows high above the street
Let the trumpets sound
And let confetti fill the air and gather on the ground

Let the guys all hurry on down to the gym
And throw the doors wide open
And clear a space for him
Let messages from strangers
Spray-painted on cheap drapes
Hang from all the fire escapes

Let them spell it out on marquees and on window displays
Pinklon Thomas is getting out of prison today

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