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 Heretic Pride




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Sept. 15 1983 is the 12th song on the album Heretic Pride.

Press Kit notesEdit

Sept. 15 1983

This is about the death of Prince Far I, one of the most unusual and awesome figures to arise from the reggae explosion of the seventies. He was murdered in his home by unknown assailants on the date which give this song its title. Far I was by all accounts a good guy, and his songs are loving, almost paternal urgings to the listener. Early in his career, he was called "King Cry Cry," owing to his tendency to burst into tears while singing. I'm not that emo yet but one almost wishes for that kind of sincerity, you know?


Long dinner with some friends
Way out way out in Portmore
Servants of the pharaoh 
Slip in through an open door
All business
Bearing knives and zip-guns
So get on the floor now every last one
Every last one

The heat drifts across the land
If I forget Israel 
Let me forget my right hand

And on the floor Michael James Williams
Feels his fingers start to freeze
And the whole scene's like a movie
Paramedics on their knees

Try try your whole life
To be righteous and be good
Wind up on your own floor
Choking on blood

The heat drifts across the land
If I forget you Israel
Let me forget my right hand

And the house still smells like onions
When the ambulance arrives
Gabriel in postal blue
Loads up the car and drives to Spanish Town
About three miles away 
Where will the wicked run to on that last day?
On that last day?

The heat drifts across the land
If I forget you Israel
Let me forget my right hand

Comments by John Darnielle About this SongEdit

  • "This is a song about the death of my favorite reggae singer, Prince Far I. He was murdered in his own home on September 15th, 1983, which is the name of this song." -- 2007-11-02 - Gardner Lounge - Grinnell, IA

Things Referenced in this SongEdit

  • "If I forget you Israel / Let me forget my right hand" is reminiscent of Psalm 137:5. In most recent versions of the Bible, it reads "If I forget you, Jerusalem, may my right hand forget its skill."

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