Sidereal Rest




Scratch Records

Sidereal Rest is a compilation album released by the label Scratch Records in 1996. It features "Sure" by The Extra Glenns.


  1. "Please, No Music Tonight" by Paste
  2. "Stowing Dung" by US Saucer
  3. "Unmoveable" by Thee Crusaders
  4. "Ladies, I Am Bad News" by Melcher
  5. "Sure" by The Extra Glenns
  6. "Vacas" by Roughage
  7. "The Chauffer" by Mark
  8. "Straight is the Gate" by Blaise Pascal
  9. "Can of Worms" by Good Horsey
  10. "Save" by Refrigerator
  11. "Waterskiing" by B.C. Scar
  12. "Hours" by Loren Mazzacane
  13. "Kasper Hauser" by Sun City Girls
  14. "Excerpt from Opponent" by Kathleen Yearwood
  15. "Lost and Found" by Bugskull
  16. "Without Your Withsides" by Pork Queen
  17. "Epic of the Well Meaning and the Thick" by Caroliner Rainbow Splinter Mine Deserves
  18. "Blind Dog Found" by Staked Plain
  19. "Electric Chair" by Thinking Fellers Union
  20. "Mucho Gratitdo Ukelele Mi Amigo" by Noggin
  21. "Fountain Scissors" by Payment

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