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Somebody Else's Parking Lot in Sebastopol (originally titled Somebody Else's Parking Lot in Santa Cruz) is the sixth song on the album Martial Arts Weekend.


Outside the opera house in Sydney
I saw my life come crashing to its end
And I cried out to the scale-tipper
On whom all living things depend
Sweet strains of Giuseppe Verdi 
Suffuse the evening air
I wished, I wished, I wished that God would kill me
Instead of leaving me alone to see you standing there
Before me, that sad look on your face
You took me to so many places I never thought I'd go
That was the worst place

Yeah we did our manners proud
On the night we said goodbye
No big scenes out there on the sidewalk
As we pinpointed the place where all good things go to die
I know you hate it when I get my headaches
Well, I've got a real gem tonight
Listening to Katia Ricciarelli
It's not gonna be alright
And I'd like to think that this will pass, this will pass
I know it's not the case
Of all the highs and lows and middle ends you brought me to
This is the worst place

Comments by John Darnielle About this SongEdit

  • "This is a song whose title can only possibly have meaning to two people. I'm one, Peter Hughes of Diskothi-Q is the other. Um, but I hope that the song itself is meaningful in some ways." -- 1999-10-09 - Crossing Border - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • "This is a song that will probably never be released because it contains one too many references to classical music and when I played a song that referenced Elgar about a year and a half ago, I could hear Franklin's laugh rip through my head. And now every time I play that song, that's what I hear." -- 2000-02-06 - The Press - Claremont, CA

Things Referenced in this SongEdit

Live Shows this Song Was Played atEdit

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