Spilling Toward Alpha


The Hound Chronicles




the Mountain Goats



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Spilling Toward Alpha is the third song on The Mountain Goats' second cassette, The Hound Chronicles.


I hear you moving in the hallway
I hear you sharpening your claws
I hear you polishing your teeth sometimes
But I don't mind

And I hear you out in the garage 
I hear you messing with the motor
I hear you tinker with the engine sometimes
But I don't mind

And I hear you moving in the kitchen
I hear you in there late at night
I notice when you leave the gas jets on sometimes
But I don't mind

Comments by John Darnielle About this SongEdit

  • "This is another one of those little songs, uh, about two people who I love so much that I continue to cause them to harm one another, uh, and I imagine them in my mind cursing me, but they can't do it without my permission, 'cause they're my people, so. It's a very old song. I hope someday they'll forgive me, but I suspect that they won't." -- 2001-06-23 - Bottom of the Hill - San Francisco, CA
  • "This song also has a message, but it's a sort of simpler message. And that is: if the person that you live with and love is trying to kill you, it's best to leave." -- 2002-03-07 - Independent Media Center - Urbana, IL

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