Standard Bitter Love Song #8


Taking the Dative




the Mountain Goats



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Standard Bitter Love Song #8 is the second song on the tape Taking the Dative. It was re-released on the compilation Ghana.


I went down to Lloyd Center looking for you
But a mouth full of anger blocked my view
He took your hand there in the skating rink
God will give him blood to drink

Saw the two of you leaving
I didn't wanna follow behind
But I could see the rest of your evening burning in my mind
The sky's black, the moon's pink
God will give him blood to drink 

I looked over the railing, the ice was white 
On the northeast side where I saw you and your boyfriend 
On a Friday night
I went mining for gold, I struck pure, fresh zinc
God, God will give him blood to drink
Hey hey hey

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