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Store (also known as Aisle) is the second song on the single Jam Eater Blues.


In the five minutes' worth of lost time that I had
When I was passed out on the supermarket floor
I saw you at the head of the heavenly chorus
And I heard your song ringing all through the store

In the five minutes when my broadcast got pre-empted
I saw you touch down, you were no longer dead
I was happy to see you, I had lots of questions
And I put my hand to the wound in your head
Ah, the blood
All of that blood
All of that warm blood 
Flowing freely from you

In the five minutes when I was dead to the world
In a place far away from my friends and my home
I saw you with a smile on your radiant face
Amidst all of the cans and the glass and the chrome

And in those five minutes, my signal was jammed
The frequencies that I received were so pure
That I almost believed that the sight of the hole in your skull
Was a thing that my heart could endure
Ah, the blood
All of that blood
All of that warm blood 
Flowing freely from you

Comments by John Darnielle About this SongEdit

  • "I think I wrote this while I was working on The Coroner's Gambit and thinking a lot about dead friends, as you do. And it was on the Sub Pop single...this is a song that I believe is called 'Aisle', but I always want to call it 'Store', but I could have that backwards….you can call it either one, I won’t mind, because generally speaking if you’re requesting it I won’t play it anyway. It’s because it involves a lot of hollering, and it’s a terribly gory song that’s kind of, um, disturbing to me to think about this guy having this anti-epiphany walking up and down the aisles of the Hy-Vee in Iowa all brightly lit in the middle of the afternoon." -- 2007-06-17 - Zoop - Farm Sanctuary - Watkins Glen, NY

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