The Believer 2005 CD




The Believer Magazine

The Believer 2005 CD is a compilation album released by The Believer Magazine in 2005. It features a version of the Silver Jews' "Pet Politics" by the Mountain Goats.


  1. "Bridges & Balloons" by The Decemberists
  2. "Decora" by Spoon
  3. "Why I Didn't Like August 93" by The Constantines
  4. "Ohio" by Cocorosie
  5. "Pet Politics" by the Mountain Goats
  6. "Late Blues" by San Serac
  7. "We Will Become Silhouettes" by The Shins
  8. "The Golden Window" by Josephine Foster
  9. "Surprise, AZ" by Cynthia G. Mason
  10. "Nighttime/Anytime (It's Alright)" by Jim Guthrie
  11. "Firefly Refrain" by Espers
  12. "Annas Sweater" by Two Gallants
  13. "Be Kind to Me" by Vetiver
  14. "My Fair, My Dark" by Ida
  15. "Waterfalls" by Mount Eerie
  16. "Fistful of Love" by devendra banhart
  17. "Claxxons Lament" by Wolf Parade

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