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The Floating Gardens is the third song on the live album The Seneca Twins by John Darnielle's side project The Seneca Twins.


I came clean down to Mexico for you.
What else would you have me do?
The bills were stacking up daily,
There were predators at my door.
Drooling like hungry jackals,
I made my mind up to track you down.
You were standing above the tall tall reeds
Chewing on pumpkin seeds.
You've got you money invested in gold futures now
And you're waiting for me to come,
Well, I'm coming.

You left a mountain of bad debt behind you.
Yeah, back in California where the cops came to find you
But when they came, they found me instead
Pacing the floors wondering whether you were dead
And half way hoping, hoping half the other way
And now you're standing among the tall tall reeds
Lit up like a Christmas tree,
You've got your money invested in gold futures now
And you're waiting for the rain to come,
Well, I'm coming.

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