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The Garden Song is the first song on the Mountain Goats' second cassette, The Hound Chronicles.


I see the flowers in your garden are in bloom
I see the flags are flying high
I hear you've gone and rearranged things in your room
I guess you're trying to cut-off my air supply

I came toward your window, real slowly
I knew deep down I was about to strike oil
I guess by the now the flowers in your garden know me
I felt them trying to get at me through the soil

My bare feet felt the cool, soft dirt
Moving up my ankles, but I don't fear you
The thorns began tearing at my shirt
But I didn't even care when they tore clear through

Your garden can't hurt me
Your flowers don't threaten my life
Your garden can't hurt me anymore
Your flowers don't threaten my life

Comments by John Darnielle About this SongEdit

  • "Like a lot of college singer-songwriter guys, I thought it'd be really intense if you had songs where the rejected lover is, like, totally stalking somebody. You may find this with your guys with acoustic guitars in college, is that they write these songs and they think that you will like them better if the protagonist in their song is, like, stalking his beloved. Guys are confused; they grow out of this, right? But for the moment, they really think it's super intense to have a narrator who's going to immolate himself if he doesn't get the love he wants. I went through that myself with the songs; this is on The Hound Chronicles and I feel really silly playing it. It's called 'The Garden Song'." -- 2006-12-02 - Pitzer College - Claremont, CA

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